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Question: 1/17

How old is your child today?

Question: 2/17

What is your child's gender?

Question: 3/17

What is your child's weight and height?

Question: 4/17

Each week, how many days does your child eat breakfast?

Question: 5/17

Each week, how many times does your child eat fast food?

Question: 6/17

Each week, how many times does your family eat at the table together?

Question: 7/17

Each week, does your child drink more than one regular soda, sweet tea, fruit punch, or "sports drink"?

Question: 8/17

Most days, how many glasses of milk, cups of yogurt, or servings of cheese does your child eat or drink?

Question: 9/17

What kind of milk does your child drink?

Question: 10/17

Most days, does your child eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables?

Question: 11/17

Most days, how much active play or sports does your child get, not counting time in school?

Question: 12/17

Most days, how much time does your child spend watching TV, playing video games, text messaging, and using the computer?

Question: 13/17

Most weeks, how many times does your family do something active together, such as hiking, walking, biking, or gardening?

Question: 14/17

Does your child watch TV or use a computer in his/her bedroom?

Question: 15/17

Most nights, what time does your child go to bed?

Question: 16/17

Most mornings, what time does your child wake up?

Question: 17/17